Integrated Payment Processing with EnrollwarePay


We are pleased to introduce EnrollwarePay as our new, fully-integrated payments solution. EnrollwarePay was born out of the necessity to streamline the management of payments for our training center management software customers.  Auditing multiple systems, reconciling multiple books and dealing with multiple customer support agents are now in the past as EnrollwarePay brings everything together in one place all while saving our clients’ in processing fees.

Do you have these problems?

  • Differences between your bank deposits and what you expect to receive
  • Complicated reconciliation requiring logins to multiple sites.
  • Difficult to understand merchant statements
  • New and unexplained fees almost every month
  • Unsure about who to contact for support  
  • Payment processors quick to blame your web site and registration software for any and all problems
  • Confusion around PCI compliance

We’ve solved all of these problems...

By developing our own payments platform, tightly integrated with Enrollware software, and supported by the same team of experts you contact for Enrollware software support. 

  • Industry-low processing rates
  • Fully integrated payments reporting and reconciliation gives you all the information you need in one place
  • No more credit card processors pointing fingers at your web site software
  • Accurate information is instantly available, improving staff work quality and efficiency
  • You contact Enrollware for everything

Additionally, EnrollwarePay drastically simplifies your requirements to maintain PCI compliance.  Sensitive cardholder data is transmitted directly from the user’s web browser to the payment processing system, bypassing your web site and registration pages completely.  This allows you to maintain PCI compliance using the most basic self-assessment form, SAQ-A.

Learn more about the benefits of EnrollwarePay for your training center.