9 reasons why AHA training centers switch to Enrollware's CPR training center software

  • No more manual processing of certification cards...Enrollware automates eCard issuance through our AHA instructor network API integration.  Issue eCards directly from Enrollware.
  • No more manual processing of instructor and training site certification card purchases...Enrollware automates product purchases directly within your Training Center system.
  • No more manual processing of instructor rosters...Enrollware's automated Roster Management System eliminates paper and emailed rosters from independent instructors and training sites.
  • No more waiting for service...Enrollware provides unparalleled customer support via phone, email, and technical support forms 7 days a week.  View our testimonials below.
  • Save time and eliminate administrative tasks...many of our Training Center clients tell us they save 4 - 6 hours a day in administrative tasks by using Enrollware.
  • Eliminate phone calls and manual emails to students...Enrollware automates student confirmation emails, class reminders, recertification reminders, and student communication through our Email Campaigns and text messaging features.
  • No more paper instructor record files...Enrollware automates instructor records with automatic updates as instructors teach classes and track certification expiration dates while keeping your Training Center AHA PAM compliant.
  • Reduce expenses with our guaranteed lowest payment processing fees for credit card processing of student registration payments through EnrollwarePay.   
  • Quick setup...Enrollware can have your system set up within two hours providing you with our simple yet comprehensive web-based class scheduling and student registration system accessible from anywhere, anytime.